17 Home Date Night Ideas

Let's be clear - this global pandemic has been getting in the way of date night for far too long.

Going out for a date used to be fun. Now it’s stressful – no more dancing the night away, or time to finish dessert before 10pm... Well at least not in public. We’ve come up with some alternatives that will get you and your partner within two meters of each other and feeling great about it - at home!

1. Go crazy with candles

There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit date, watching the flames dance around while you enjoy some alone time with your partner – so try making your very own candles together. It’s your own design to be proud of and they can be small and scented to go by the bathtub, or large enough to roast marshmallows while you tell ghost stories. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination! 

2. Travel the globe...

...Through food. Theme your date around your favourite travel destination. Plan an imaginary trip and recreate it with food. 

Italy: Make your own garlic bread to go with fresh pasta, Sangiovese wine and Italian coffee.

France: Dine on a delicious cheese platter with fresh baguette, champagne, and even some frog legs!

Spain: Indulge in a Spanish tapas, olives, patatas bravas, tortilla and gazpacho paired with a refreshing sangria.

Mexico: Go all out with your very own taco bar, nachos and a splash (a lot!) of tequila. 

Japan: Learn to make sushi from scratch while sipping on sake/green tea.

Greece: Mediterranean tapas: olive, feta, greek salad, pastitsio. Try Ouzo, the local Greek drink.

Turkish: Master the at-home meze with olive dips, baba ganoush, hummus and copious amounts of bread with kebabs and turkish tea. 

3. Get creative with pottery

One of the greatest excuses to get up close and a little bit messy with your partner. Don’t worry if you don’t have a kiln to hand, I don’t think anyone really just has one of those lying around. Lots of great companies, like our friends at sculpd.co.uk, sell air dry pottery which makes two dates in one. The first creating the shape and the second decorating your designs a day or two later. 

4. Try baking blind

On a similar note, if pottery isn’t your thing or, like me, you’re very food orientated and enjoy a challenge – this is for you. Bake a pie with your partner with one of you blindfolded making it, and the other giving the instructions, guiding. Use teamwork to create your masterpiece and have fun while doing so.  

5. Turn your bedroom into a hotel

Gather sample size luxury toiletries, moisturisers and soaps. Place them in a nice basket in the bathroom. Dim the lights, light a few scented candles and play soft music. Go all out, sprinkle petals around the bed. Place a bottle of wine in a cooler at the foot. Make little chocolates for the pillows and order room service (a.k.a your favourite takeaway or fresh pasta delivery service) while watching free pay-per-view.

6. Enjoy a home Spa

Set the temperature, dim the lights, put on a relaxing playlist and light candles. Use the essential oils you have at the back of the cupboard that never get used and take it in turns to massage one another. Equally try book a couples masage in the comfort of your own home. No need to go out.  

7. Become mixologists

Learn how to mix beautiful mocktails/cocktails. Grab a few of your favourite ingredients and create exotic cocktails, mix them up with a few crazy bits of fruit and umbrellas. Maybe get a little bit competitive? Who can make the best cocktail both looks and taste wise? Use all your senses to guess what’s in the other person’s cocktail. 

8. Food/Drink tasting

Need an excuse to eat all your favourite foods at once? Set up a little tasting station with anything from chocolate to wine, cheese, gin, locally grown veg or whatever is in the back of the cupboard. Make a tasting for your partner and see if they can guess what’s in your mix

9. Create a date night playlist together

Put your favourite tunes into a playlist and then recreate a date from the type of music in the playlist. 

DNB: Turn your sitting room into a mini club by putting some funky lights up - last year's Christmas lights? And dance the night away.

Rock: Create a home stage and recreate your favourite band, air guitars and all!

Jazz: Dim the lights, put on your favourite outfit and chat the night away with your favourite cocktails just like you would in a jazz club or speakeasy. 

Country: Recreate the bucking bronco or wear your cowboy hat and boots while learning to line dance.

10. Have a picnic in the flat

Put up some fairy lights and eat under the stars (or those stick-on stars, they’re a nightmare to take down but look amazinggg). Plus you’re in your flat so you can bring as many pillows or Turkish-style tables as you need to to make your picnic even more cosy. 

11. Fountains!

Set up a food fountain with cheese, chocolate (or champagne), whichever takes your fancy and dip bread and strawberries in. 

12. Create a scrapbook

Print some pictures of your favourite memories or places to go. Grab a few posca pens, pritt stick and get started. Try making your ultimate date night bucket list and the book one a month for the rest of the year, taking pictures as you go to add them to your scrapbook.

13. Play board/card games

Set up your own board game cafe at home. Pull out the old classics like twister and boggle or play funny card games like: "getting 2 know you", "filthy snap" or "shot in the dark". 

14. Dance classes

Don’t have a wii or xbox? Just youtube your favourite dance style or one you haven’t tried like Tango, Line dance, Irish dancing, Tap dancing, Disco, ballroom… or even just a funny song on just dance without the score pressure.

15. Indoor crazy golf/ croquet

Set up your own indoor crazy golf course or croquet. Get creative and hide your favourite antiques. Who knew the sofa could double up as a ramp or the kitchen roll as a secret passage. Get creative and build yourself a short obstacle course. It’s great fun to build and make it challenging to complete.

16. Pretend the electricity is off

This one requires imagination. Turn off all the lights and enjoy your well timed power cut. Not only is it a great way to use up what’s left in the fridge it’s also a great excuse to get cosy, read a book under moon/candlelight and spend quality time with your partner without the distractions of the electronic world. 

17. Restaurant wars

Turn your kitchen into a restaurant, create a menu, put up decorations and carefully select the wine. Challenge each other to a cook off take it in turns or have a course each. For those not very good at cooking, pasta by post has your back, simple delicious, restaurant quality pasta and sauces that are ready in under 5 minutes. 

Sound fun!? Share your experiences or ideas with us below.