How to go from work mode to date night (Our guide)

We all know work can be a little stressful – the commute, the constant brainpower, hundreds of emails, your boss, it’s stressful!

It’s hard to relax after work and even harder when you’re forcing yourself to relax for date night. Sometimes you get more stressed out at the thought of trying not to get stressed out. 

Know the feeling? Well, that's why we’ve put together the 6 steps for relaxing and making the most out of date night.

1. Plan

This step takes some thought. What are you doing for date night? Are you going out or staying in? Cooking or take away?

Either way, a little bit of forward planning will save you from the likes of ‘burning the food while you’re tidying up the kitchen table’, or ‘queuing up at 5 different restaurants just to find out they’re all fully booked’.

Dates are fun, so don't make it hard for yourself. Get everything ready before date night – those few minutes spent planning will go a long way to a stress-free evening!

2. Make it special

Remember those first dates where the butterflies just wouldn’t leave you alone? That rush of adrenaline getting ready for the first date?

It’s special, it's new and that’s what’s most exciting about it. Who says that has to go?

So – make your date night special. Do something new, try a new dish, cook together, put on a romantic playlist with candles, you name it. Those things that break you out of your normal comfortable routine and get you excited are the best!

3. Self Care

Take time for yourself, allow yourself time to transition. Listen to your favourite podcast, go to the gym, take a shower. Allow yourself to switch off from the crazy world around you and focus on what you really need.

4. Dress up

This is something the French know how to get very right. This doesn’t mean you have to spend loads of time and money on what you’re wearing. You can go all our or just shimmy into your favourite pair of jeans. Make yourself look and feel great. Not only will this make you feel more confident and ready for date night it’s fun and crucial for breaking that stress-fun barrier. It lets your brain know you’re ready for the next part of your day.

5. 3rd wheels

Do you let your job be the third wheel? Are you checking your phone in the bathroom every half hour? Talking about that comment your boss made or next week’s presentation? Stop!

It’s date night. Ask your partner a question, really listen to their answer and force your brain back into the moment and away from work. Don’t bring work home with you, leave all your work stuff in the office or pack up once you’re done for the day and leave it there. Make a point of finishing for the day and let your brain relax without constant work triggers.

6. Phone away

ARGHHHH! You know when you’re having dinner with someone and all of a sudden their phone pings and bam it’s like you’re talking to a brick wall?! Such a mood killer! Phones away, be present in the moment. Keep yourself engaged and present in the moment. Don’t let your phone pinging remind you of how stressed out you are. Out of sight out of mind. Put it away and on silent. Really allow yourself time to relax and enjoy your evening.

That's our ideas. But over to you - what do you do to shift out of work-mode and get in the right mood?