Take your pasta journey to whole new places

We're on a mission to make mealtimes more memorable. By delivering exceptional pasta dishes that are healthy, indulgent and easy to make.

We believe...

Everyone has their own pasta journey. Memories of getting home late at night, celebrating with friends and… that one time in Italy. Pasta has always been there for us.

And now, with a little bit of imagination, some chef-worked sauces and the finest parmesan around, we’re able to explore more pasta dishes than ever before.

The fun part?

It’s your kitchen, and you’re the head chef

Keeping it fresh

We’re passionate about fresh pasta and helping you spend more time enjoying cooking and eating with friends.

We’ve got the recipes and people to deliver the most extraordinary flavours and fresh handmade pasta possible.

It's simple to join us - pick your serving size (two or four) and veggie option, then let us deliver from our kitchen to yours.

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For pasta lovers
and pasta… haters?

Is that even a thing? Everyone enjoys pasta in some way, and we’ve all got our own pasta journey (hello mum’s spaghetti).

We’ve got dishes for everyone to try — from the pasta aficionado to those who just appreciate one tasty meal after another.

Vegan? GF? We hear you — and we’re adding new options as we go.

Why join Pasta By Post?


Fresh is best

Handmade by chefs in the UK and crafted for flavour.


Every other Thursday

From our kitchen to yours, we delivery every other Thursday. It's 2 meals every 2 weeks - enough to keep it special!


Dishes curated by you

We collab with chefs, influencers, 'pasta nonnas' and our subscribers to choose our dishes. You can get involved.

Go on, indulge yourself!

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Pasta By Post who?

We’re a (small) team of chefs, designers, coders and ‘make stuff happen’ people.

From Zoe, our menu designer, to Jordan, our graphic designer, we’re all foodies at heart and here to give you the best possible pasta journey.

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Support the planet

Yep! We’re keen to preserve this beautiful planet we all live on.

Right now, we’re about 65% of the way to being carbon-neutral. All our packaging is re-usable or recyclable and our team resources are very minimal!

But, we’re working to do more and we’ll keep you in the know.

If you’ve got any ideas too – DM us! @pastabypost