Lane Pelose

Lane Pelose


A type of fettucine from Caprinica, a province in Rome. It's the same shape as fettuccine but is made from bran giving it a rougher feel.

Shape description

Ribbons of pasta, similar to fettuccine but with a rough texture

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Meaning of the name

Shaggy wool

Alternative names

Gnocche pelose, lane, lane pelose, ramicce, sagne

Instructions for making

Lane Pelose

Best Flour
Bran, egg, salt, flour

Roll the dough out thinly on a lightly floured surface or using a pasta machine. Roll or fold one end loosely towards the center of the sheet, then do the same with the other so that they almost meet in the middle. Lift one folded side on top of the other – do not press down on the fold. Working quickly and deftly with one motion, cut into thin slices with a sharp knife, down the length of the folded pasta. Immediately unravel the slices

How best to serve
Lane Pelose

It's rough texture lets it soak in more sauce than fettuccine or agliatelle making it great with creamy sauces like carbonara

Recommended dish or sauce

Lane Pelose carbonara

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