Lasagne Ricce

Lasagne Ricce



Lasagne ribbons with crimped, wavy or ruffled edges which allow the lighter sauces to soak into the dish better. Lasagne ricce is used in Palermo to make 'lasagne cacati' ('shit lasagna') , a dish which is eaten on New Year's day and gets its name from the ricotta which is dropped onto the lasagne from a height.

Shape description

Lasagne ribbons with wavy edges

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Meaning of the name

Curly cooking pot

Alternative names

Doppio festone, sciablo

Instructions for making

Lasagne Ricce

Best Flour
Durum-wheat semolina
Semolina, water (egg)

Lasagne ricce ribbons are made by rolling the pasta dough either through a pasta machine or by hand with a rolling pin on a flat surface. Once the dough is between 0.6 and 1mm thin it is cut into thick ribbons. The ends are then pressed with either a grooved roller or thin rods (originally knitting needles) to give them a wavey edge ready to be dried or cooked.

How best to serve
Lasagne Ricce

Either rolled up and baked al forno with layers of a rich rag├╣ and ricotta, as the christmas dessert Lasagna da fornel or Lasagne de cacati

Recommended dish or sauce

Lasagna da fornel

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Lasagna da fornel