Lingue de Suocera

Lingue de Suocera


Lingue de Suocera, is a long twisted colourful pasta ribbon that is great for kids and adluts alike. This traditional Puglian pasta can hold its shape even after cooking so will never dissapoint.

Shape description

Multi colour twisted ribbon with saw tooth edges

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Meaning of the name

Mother in law tongue

Alternative names

Instructions for making

Lingue de Suocera

Best Flour
Durum-wheat flour
Flour, water, turmeric, beets, paprika, spinach

Okay, so this pasta involves an extra step! The short story is that you make your dough but, before rolling, kneed in your chosen ingredients. Your ingredients will likely be a strongly coloured veg (e.g. carrot for orange and spinach for green) finely chopped and boiled, or spices such as paprika or turmeric. You then roll your pasta as normal, then through a tagliatelle cutter. After that you'll need to lay the different coloured noodles out on a table, slightly overlapped, and press together. You can then run them through the rollers again to help join.Read this super article for a more detailed guide:

How best to serve
Lingue de Suocera

Red or white sauce

Recommended dish or sauce

Seafood salsa