Maccheroni Inferrati

Maccheroni Inferrati


The term Maccheroni Inferrati is used interchangibly with Busiate. Although these are two different shapes, one a telephone wire and the other a tube, they are made in almost exactly the same way. Both are Calabrian specialties made using an old knitting needle. Maccheroni Inferrati is essentially the name for handmade bucatini.

Shape description

Handmade, long, thin hollow tubes.

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Meaning of the name

Infirm (weak) pasta

Alternative names


Instructions for making

Maccheroni Inferrati

Best Flour
Durum-wheat flour
Flour, water

Roll the dough into 1cm thick 'worms' then place the length of the dough parallel to a wooden or iron rod. Press the rod down and roll rapidly back and forth moving your hands apart to extend the length of the pasta until the dough encloses to make a tube and the hole is large enough for you to remove the pasta.

How best to serve
Maccheroni Inferrati

Creamy smoother sauces like cacio e pepe, carbonara and pesto

Recommended dish or sauce

Pesto alla trapanese